About us

My First Job is dedicated to assisting teens preparing and finding their first job.

My First Job was created by Cass Champion, after living with GenZer's and seeing how they perceive things in the world and misconceived perceptions of them.

A message from Cass

Not a week went past when I didn't receive a call, email or text from a friend or their friend or work colleague that was wanting help with their teenager and getting into the workforce.

The requests ranged from can you help with a resume, do you know someone in this brand or industry to get their teen a job, can you help with interview practise and skills, what bank do you think is the best for the teen to start with and do they need super now and they don't get taxed do they? So many varying questions but all around the same theme, where do they start.

Our Team

We are a dedicated team, spread across Australia, who have a passion for helping people and we really want to encourage teens to understand the importance of getting a job. Our team have seen firsthand that gaining employment at a younger age is a huge benefit in the long run.

Our Why

We're passionate about supporting
  • Teens

    Who want to be listened to and have people believe in them and what they can offer; after all they are the workforce and consumers of the future

  • Employers

    Who are looking for new and innovative ways to connect with Gen Z and Alpha

  • Parents

    Who want help on how to guide, educate and support their children through their work journey

Our Difference

There are many platforms advertising various jobs and others aiming to provide career guidance to Students, we felt there was a gap in preparing and connecting teens to their very first job experience.

We focus on finding the right job 'fit' for teens, we match them to location, availability, and interests with job opportunities from employers that are suitable and work with their current life commitments.

What we offer:

  • Interactive jobs board - find your Job “Fit”
  • Tailored experience
  • “First Job Checklist” & Tools
  • Jobs specifically for teens
  • Bonus Resume!

"I want to bridge the gap between the generations and really make a difference”

Cass Champion

Find your first job

No matter what you decide to do after you finish school, the transferable skills you learn in your first job, will set you up both personally and professionally, for life.

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