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My First Job is a digital business dedicated to ensuring Teens start their work journey on the right foot- because who doesn't remember their first job?

We aim to ease the challenges and connect Teens with businesses ready to embrace the unique talent and fresh perspectives they can bring because, after all, 'everybody starts somewhere'.

What's in it for employers?

Efficient Recruitment

Save valuable time in the recruitment process by receiving applications that match your job based on age, location, availability, and interests.

Personalised Engagement

Our platform encourages teens to showcase their personality through personal video messages

Success Preparation

Our 'first job checklist' and suite of tools helps teens prepare to start their employment journey and more!

Targeted Marketing

Dedicated marketing for businesses, offering an extensive opportunity to increase brand awareness among the 14 to 19 year-old.

Inclusivity Advocacy

The platform promotes an inclusive workforce by aligning individuals' skills and needs with job roles, fostering diversity and a profound sense of inclusion and purpose.

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