Cold Rock Ice Creamery

Cold Rock Ice Creamery

Company info

Owned by Franchised Food Company, Cold Rock Ice Creamery. With our current Head Office based out of Melbourne, Victoria, Cold Rock Ice Creamery was born out of the suburb of Aspley, Queensland in 1996.

With over 100 stores nationwide and over 30,000 combos to choose from, the possibilities and combos at Cold Rock are endless. From ice cream cakes and shakes to cups, cones and take-home tubs, customers can continue to choose their favourite flavours and Mix Ins to create their own individualised combos.

Today, Cold Rock is and remains the largest 100% Australian owned and operated ice cream and treats business.

What's in it for me?

Cold Rock is not just an ice cream store; it is a complete experience, where everyone, like every product, is unique.

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